What level of pressure will be applied during the treatment?

The level of pressure applied will vary depending on the treatment you’ve selected and if the therapist is working on deeper layers of muscle tissue.

On arrival, your therapist will ask you a few simple questions and to complete a consultation form so they can tailor your treatment to your needs and preferences.

Please make your therapist aware of any injuries and allergies you have and areas of your body you want to focus on. During the treatment, please feel free to communicate with your therapist about the pressure and if you do happen to feel any pain, please tell your therapist immediately. Please note that for deep tissue and sports massages you can incur moderate pain after the treatment, which should subside after 24-48 hours.

If you are using our app, you are also able to leave any relevant appointment notes for your Therapist under the ‘Notes’ section on your upcoming appointment. You can provide parking information, whether you have stairs- or simply anything that you think would be helpful to make your Therapist aware of before the treatment.

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