Why is my usual therapist unavailable at the time I want to book?

If you have previously booked a therapist, you will also find a quick book option at the top of your screen when opening the App. You can also navigate to past bookings on the app by selecting Appointments from the menu, then selecting ‘Past appointments’. This feature is also available online when you log onto your account.

If your preferred therapist is not showing at the time you would like to book, unfortunately it means that they are unavailable at that time, or have already been booked at your selected time. To check your usual therapist’s available time slots:

  1. Select ‘Book by therapist’
  2. Under the available drop down, select ‘Next 7 or 30 days’
  3. Search your preferred therapist’s name in the search bar
  4. Select their profile
  5. Find your preferred treatment time against one of their available sessions
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